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Tuloc1Tuloc® is intended for the preoperative marking of nonpalpable, suspicious breast lesions and facilitates intraoperative localization for the surgeon. The Tuloc® Localization System offers precision handling that is easy, gentle and protective. In addition it allows for above-average ultrasound visibility. (more…)

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Tumark® Professional

Tumark-ProfessionalThe Tumark® system enables precise tissue marking. With Tumark® Professional, tumors can be marked in a gentle way and with minimum invasion before cytostatic or radiation treatment begins.

Following successful chemo or radiation therapy, the tissue area concerned can be reliably and quickly found again. (more…)

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Biopsy Handy

Biopsie-Handy3The SOMATEX® BIOPSY HANDY is a semi-automatic tool for obtaining histologically usable tissue material from a variety of soft tissues and organs. When complemented with the Biopsy Sheath, one Biopsy Handy can be reused for multiple tissue sampling. (more…)

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Pro-Fuse® CT Ports

  • Ports are approved for both CECT injections and infusion therapy
  • Allows CT injections for diagnostic imaging at up to 5cc/sec at 300psi
  • Raised rim provides clear tactile response during palpation to assist in septum location
  • Unique printing allows “CT” to be visible under X-ray


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Dignity™ CT Port

  • Dignity_Port_RSLow profile, reduced width and ergonomic design help minimise incision size while improving aesthetics and patient comfort
  • Approved for both CECT injections and infusion therapy
  • Allows CT injections for diagnostic imaging at up to 5cc/sec at 300psi
  • Unique printing allows “CT” to still be visible under X-ray


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OTSC® System

Over The Scope Clipping technology systems have been designed for application via flexible endoscopes in order to provide superior efficiency for clinicians. (more…)

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OTSC® Anchor

Constructed from super elastic shape memory alloy Nitinol®, the single use OTSC® anchor is an instrument for flexible endoscopy grasping and manipulation of tissue within the gastrointestinal tract, especially for better adduction of tissue with scarred alterations ie fistula and also in tangential application. (more…)

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OTSC® Twin Grasper®

The OTSC® Twin Grasper® is a single use endoscopic instrument to grasp and hold tissue especially for grasping wound edges of perforations in the gastrointestinal tract using an endoscope. The instrument consists of a fixed middle bar with two independently operated and controllable jaws that facilitate the closure of even bigger perforations with one clip. (more…)

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Rotator™ Rotatable Polypectomy Snare – Standard Oval

Rotator_polypectomy_snare_-_std_ovalForget thumbwheels and antiquated designs, this standard oval polypectomy snare easily rotates with one-handed manipulation for individualized orientation, addressing a variety of anatomical findings.


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