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  • I-Series_PeritonialStrategically placed sideholes allow for increased flow and reduction of omental occlusion
  • Wide 1.65mm radiopaque stripe maximises visibility under X-ray
  • Multiple configurations to meet all patient needs


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  • Hemo_Flow_LTHigh flow rates in excess of 400ml/min
  • Radiopaque polyurethane material that is both alcohol and iodine compatible
  • Available in straight and pre-curved designs to accommodate patient need and comfort
  • Highly economical


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Titan HD™

  • Titan_HD90 degree angle of the arterial tip reduces risk of arterial insufficiency and improves the ability to hold locking solutions, like Duralock-C™
  • High flow rates in excess of 450ml/min
  • Unique tip design allows for easy insertion over a guidewire or through an introducer sheath
  • Provides excellent wall stability


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Split Stream®

Split_Stream_LTSplit Stream® Designed with a retrograde split tip catheter which allows for more accurate placement

  • Available in 14F and 16F in multiple lengths for all patient needs
  • Removable hub aids in patients comfort

Split Stream® OTW

  • This version permits a “sheathless” technique, especially useful for left-sided procedures. Three tunnelling options provide greater versatility and manoeuvrability during procedures.


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Split Cath® III

Split_Cath_III-Constructed out of revolutionary lightweight Triniflex™ material that is both alcohol and iodine compatible, providing characteristics of strength, biocompatibility and kink resistance. Two free floating lumens improve patency and flow whilst lowering recirculation. (more…)

Split Cath® III 2017-05-20T16:21:40+00:00

Hemo-Cath® SDL

  • Hemo_Cath_SDDesigned with a tapered tip that allows insertion via the Seldinger Technique
  • Internal stiffening stylet provides adequate rigidity during insertion
  • Flexible cannula conforms to vessel anatomy, providing safety and comfort once in a vessel
  • Longer lengths designed for tip placement in the AVC via the femoral approach


Hemo-Cath® SDL 2017-05-20T16:21:41+00:00


  • Soft_Line_STSoft polyurethane material provides increased flow for improved outcomes.
  • 360 degree venous and arterial distal ports decrease vessel turbulence and occlusion while increasing blood flows.
  • Soft radiopaque tip reduces incidence of vessel damage and aids in confirming catheter tip placement.


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Duo-Flow® Side X Side

  • DuoFlow_sidexsideCatheter may be used in subclavian or femoral procedure
  • Thermosensitive material softens to the body’s temperature
  • Five large arterial holes strategically placed to prevent loss of blood flow


Duo-Flow® Side X Side 2017-05-20T16:21:41+00:00


  • Tri-Flow_ST-380x290 (1)Ideal for extracorporeal therapies: dialysis, hemofiltration, apheresis and plasmapheresis
  • Third lumen gives greater flexibility for fluid administration, vasoactive drug therapy, nutrition and blood sampling
  • Integral soft tip reduces occurrence of stenosis and erosion


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