Over The Scope Clipping technology systems have been designed for application via flexible endoscopes in order to provide superior efficiency for clinicians. The OTSC® system consists of an applicator cap, a preloaded clip and a hand wheel. OTSC® technology offers three unique features to users:

  • Larger volume of tissue secured
  • Higher stability at the lesion
  • Minimal strain of surrounding tissue

The OTSC® clip is a super elastic, biocompatible Nitinol® clip which compresses the tissue between its teeth. There are three different versions of the clip available, all with purpose designed teeth. There are three sizes adapted to the cap sizes (11, 12, 14) mm

  • Type A – the atraumatic version with blunt teeth for tissue compression in easily mobilised tissue
  • Type T – the traumatic version with pointed teeth featuring increased anchoring capabilities in fibrotic tissueOTSC Clips
  • Type GC – the gastric closure clip has larger teeth for closing gastric perforations and stomach lesions

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The EndoRings™ Distal Attachment is an endoscopic add-on device made from silicone, a flexible polymer. EndoRings™ is designed to fit a variety of endoscopes. The EndoRings™ Distal Attachment has a short tube-like core with several layers of flexible circular rings. EndoRings™ device is provided sterile and for single use only.


When advancing a scope into the colon, the EndoRings™ Distal Attachment provides only negligible resistance as the EndoRings™ circular rings easily fold backwards to open the colon. During scope withdrawal and colon screening, the rings centre the scope and smooth the colon folds, enhancing the scope’s field of view, and improving visualisation and screening.




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SmartBand Ligation Kit

High Retention Bands Deliver:150421-Intelligent_Endoscopy_Reshoot-0251-e1430245173653

  • • 2x shelf life – Twice the effective band life maximising inventory efficiencies.

    • ½ Latex protein antigens – SmartBand bands contain ½ of the latex protein antigens compared to the current market leading devices. SmartBand has nearly undetectable levels of Latex Protein Antigens.

    • 100% band retention power – Experience the feeling of SmartBand bands as they “snap” off the barrel. This same elasticity will be applied to the tissue to ensure that the ligation procedure is effective.

    Optimised 360° view, without having to sacrifice a band

    Advanced friction-fit barrel is compatible with the widest range of upper GI endoscopes from 8.6mm to 11.6mm.

Next Generation
Handle Design

SMART BAND• Ligation handle spool hook feature accepts the deployment cord loop effortlessly

• Larger handle stem inner diameter, 9.8Fr, ensures maximum suction and flushing capabilities

• Improve endoscopic view during the procedure by using the dedicated flush port

• Revolutionary, single-hub ligation handle allows for full-functionality with the simplicity of a one-way rotation for band deployment

• Enhanced ergonomic control with recessed finger grooves


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Helicobacter Pylori Test Kits


H.pylori Tests

What it can do

HpOne and HpFast are accurate, easy-to-use, rapid urease tests for the presumptive identification of H. pylori gastritis.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.47.20 PM Why they’re better

They’re easy to use.
Both tests are simple to conduct, and feature an easy-to-read, high-contrast positive color. A positive control is also included with each test kit.

They’re safe.
The HpOne and HpFast each incorporate our patented biopsy pick, providing needle-free biopsy handling.

They’re highly accurate.
Biopsy is recognized as the most accurate method of detecting H. pylori bacteria, and the clear benefits of HpOne and HpFast make them the premier biopsy tests.



This test provides accurate, cost-effective H. pylori status results in ONE HOUR or less.Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.47.35 PM


The agar gel formula of this test provides accurate H. pylori status results in 24 HOURS or less. An optional warmer is available.

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OTSC® System

Over The Scope Clipping technology systems have been designed for application via flexible endoscopes in order to provide superior efficiency for clinicians. (more…)

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OTSC® Anchor

Constructed from super elastic shape memory alloy Nitinol®, the single use OTSC® anchor is an instrument for flexible endoscopy grasping and manipulation of tissue within the gastrointestinal tract, especially for better adduction of tissue with scarred alterations ie fistula and also in tangential application. (more…)

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OTSC® Twin Grasper®

The OTSC® Twin Grasper® is a single use endoscopic instrument to grasp and hold tissue especially for grasping wound edges of perforations in the gastrointestinal tract using an endoscope. The instrument consists of a fixed middle bar with two independently operated and controllable jaws that facilitate the closure of even bigger perforations with one clip. (more…)

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Rotator™ Rotatable Polypectomy Snare – Standard Oval

Rotator_polypectomy_snare_-_std_ovalForget thumbwheels and antiquated designs, this standard oval polypectomy snare easily rotates with one-handed manipulation for individualized orientation, addressing a variety of anatomical findings.


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Rotator™ Rotatable Polypectomy Snare – Mini Oval

Rotator_polypectomy_snare_-_mini_oval-380x290The mini oval polypectomy snare easily rotates with one-handed manipulation for individualized orientation, and the smaller net size allows one to address an even greater variety of anatomical findings and gain access to hard to reach positions. (more…)

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