Irrigation Devices

BioVac™ Direct Suction Device

biovac_direct_suction_deviceSpecializing in evacuation and lavage of the GI tract, the BioVac™ is designed to allow direct visualisation during cleansing and extraction through the suction of hard-to-remove, viscous materials such as gelatinous blood and stringy clots that may otherwise clog which may otherwise clog the control head of the endoscope, the BioVac ™ device bypasses the scope control head, alleviating intra-procedural clogging of the scope. (more…)

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Velocity™ Irrigation System

velocity_biovac_irrigation_pumpThe Velocity™ system offers exceptional force through a combination of increased volume, pressure and control allowing for improved outcomes when clearing the mucosa proves challenging. The system is portable and consists of a manual foot pump and irrigation tubing that connects directly to your endoscope and sterile water supply. (more…)

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