Cytology Brushes

Cytology_brushesThe cytology brushes from US Endoscopy have been designed to collect cell samples in the lung as well as the upper and lower GI tract, the unique bristle configuration is enhanced with a rotatable handle – facilitating an abundant cell sample. (more…)

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BioVac™ Direct Suction Device

biovac_direct_suction_deviceSpecializing in evacuation and lavage of the GI tract, the BioVac™ is designed to allow direct visualisation during cleansing and extraction through the suction of hard-to-remove, viscous materials such as gelatinous blood and stringy clots that may otherwise clog which may otherwise clog the control head of the endoscope, the BioVac ™ device bypasses the scope control head, alleviating intra-procedural clogging of the scope. (more…)

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Velocity™ Irrigation System

velocity_biovac_irrigation_pumpThe Velocity™ system offers exceptional force through a combination of increased volume, pressure and control allowing for improved outcomes when clearing the mucosa proves challenging. The system is portable and consists of a manual foot pump and irrigation tubing that connects directly to your endoscope and sterile water supply. (more…)

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Articulator™ Injection Needle

Articulator_Needle_RSThe Articulator™ injection needle is a reliable, yet affordable, needle ideal for everyday use and dependable enough for the most immediate needs. From saline assisted polypectomy to esophageal varices, ulcers and tatooing, the Articulator™ injection needle is the steadfast choice for injection therapy. (more…)

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Carr-Locke Injection Needle

Carr_Locke_Injection_NeedleDeveloped to perform in the most tortuous conditions, these needles have become the everyday needle of choice for many around the world. (more…)

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Roth Net® Foreign Body Retriever – Standard

  • Roth_Net_std_retrieverRoth Net® standard retrievers are engineered with a strong, reinforced net material for extra security when passing the cricopharyngeus.
  • These retrievers are ideal for the removal of round, blunt or otherwise hard to grasp foreign bodies, as well as polyps and polyp fragments.


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Roth Net® Retriever – Polyp

Roth_Net_retriever_-_polypDesigned with a finer, more transparent net, the Roth Net® polyp retriever easily encapsulates excised polyps in as little as one to three minutes and preserves specimens for accurate histopathological review. (more…)

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Roth Net® Platinum® Retriever – Food Bolus

Roth_Net_Platinum_food_bolus_retrieverFeaturing larger capacity, ergonomic design and superior performance, the spring-like action of the Roth Net® Platinum® series offers a retrieval net with a sturdier form and shape.
This food bolus retriever is designed specifically for the challenges encountered in food bolus removal. Its octagonal net is designed to open to maximum capacity while maintaining its form within the esophagus. (more…)

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Initial placement – Pull PEG System

initial_placement_pull_PEGSpecifically designed with the help of clinicians, this kit combines a procedure tray and support items, as well as a deluxe grasping snare. (more…)

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Standard Channel Cleaning Brush

std_channel_cleaning_brushDesigned with a textured, non-slip catheter for maintaining your grip in a wet, soapy environment, the brush head features soft, specially designed nylon bristles to maximize cleaning efforts. (more…)

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