Gemini Brush™ Double-ended Channel Brush

gemini_brush_double_ended_channel_cleaning_brushFeaturing a standard size channel brush on both ends of our signature non-slip catheter, the Gemini Brush™ double-ended brush scrubs twice as well with half the effort. (more…)

Gemini Brush™ Double-ended Channel Brush 2017-05-20T16:21:38+00:00

D-type (Uncovered) Pyloric/Duodenal Stent

  • D-type_DuodenalNiti-S pyloric/duodenal stent is designed for effective palliation of malignant gastric outlet obstruction in the antrum, proximal small bowel, and gastro-enteral anastomosis.
  • Exceptional axial conformability facilitates immediate and continuous curved wall opposition for high resistance to migration.


D-type (Uncovered) Pyloric/Duodenal Stent 2017-05-20T16:21:39+00:00

Head-type (Both Bare) Enteral Colonic Stent

  • Both_Bare_Enteral_ColonicIndication of Niti-S Colonic stent includes patients primarily with left-sided colonic malignancies and preoperative bridge to surgery for obstructive colorectal cancer
  • Biocompatible silicone membrane to prevent tumour ingrowth


Head-type (Both Bare) Enteral Colonic Stent 2017-05-20T16:21:39+00:00