• Soft_Line_STSoft polyurethane material provides increased flow for improved outcomes.
  • 360 degree venous and arterial distal ports decrease vessel turbulence and occlusion while increasing blood flows.
  • Soft radiopaque tip reduces incidence of vessel damage and aids in confirming catheter tip placement.


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Duo-Flow® Side X Side

  • DuoFlow_sidexsideCatheter may be used in subclavian or femoral procedure
  • Thermosensitive material softens to the body’s temperature
  • Five large arterial holes strategically placed to prevent loss of blood flow


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  • Tri-Flow_ST-380x290 (1)Ideal for extracorporeal therapies: dialysis, hemofiltration, apheresis and plasmapheresis
  • Third lumen gives greater flexibility for fluid administration, vasoactive drug therapy, nutrition and blood sampling
  • Integral soft tip reduces occurrence of stenosis and erosion


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