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Use of the Colonic FTRD®

Instrument for flexible endoscopy, for full-thickness resection and diagnostic tissue acquisition through removal of suitable lesions in the Colorectum.

The colonic FTRD®

The colonic FTRD® consists of an applicator cap with a ready-to-use mounted FTRD® clip, integrated HF snare and thread. Included are the thread retriever for easy retrieval of the release thread, the endoscope sleeve with fixation tapes and FTRD® hand wheel.

For application, the applicator cap is mounted on the endoscope with the snare running on the outside of the scope and the sleeve preventing entrapment of any tissue between scope and snare. By turning the hand wheel, the thread is tensioned and the clip released. Using the integrated snare, the target tissue is cut above the clip.

The size of the colonic FTRD® is suitable for endoscopes with a diameter of 11.5 – 13.2 mm and a working channel diameter of at least 3.2 mm.

The colonic FTRD® Set

The colonic FTRD® is delivered as one procedure set and consists of the following products:

  • Colonic FTRD®
    • elongated OTSC® System cap (size 14) with preloaded clip and thread
    • FTRD® snare integrated into cap’s distal end
    • FTRD® hand wheel
    • thread retriever
    • endoscope sleeve with fixation tapes
  • FTRD® Marking Probe
  • FTRD® Grasper

Product Codes & Specs

200.70 FTRD Clip System

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