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Use of the OTSC® Proctology

Instrument for proctology for compression of tissue in the anal canal and rectum, for treating wall lesions or haemostasis.

The OTSC® Proctology

OTSC® Proctology consists of the applicator with a pre-mounted clip as well as a pre-set inserted thread retriever inside the working channel.

The applicator is inserted transannular under direct vision. By pulling the trigger, the clip is released and pushed into the tissue from the applicator cap.

To facilitate the application, generally U-shaped sutures are placed at the target site. They can be pulled through the working channel by means of the pre-set thread retriever. After successful application of the clip, the sutures can be removed again. Alternatively, the OTSC® Proctology Anchor can be used as guidance and positioning aid.

Characteristics of the
OTSC® Proctology Clip


The rounded and atraumatic design of the OTSC® Proctology clip enables its placement in the tight anal canal without irritation of adjacent or opposite tissue.


The teeth of the OTSC® Proctology clip correspond with the endoscopic OTSC® t clip type. Thus the OTSC® Proctology clip provides ideal grip especially in fibrotic tissue.


The space between the teeth enables a good micro perfusion of the tissue in situ and therefore avoids necrosis and assists healing.


The OTSC® Proctology clip exercises the same compression force as the endoscopic OTSC® clip.

All OTSC® Proctology products are for single use only.

Product Codes & Specs

200.60 OTSC  Proctology Clip
200,62 Fistula Brush

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